Versus: universes coming together

Versus: universes coming together

Have you ever wondered if there is an identical you in another world? The understanding of ourselves as equals, knowing that everyone is inhabited by the same needs but guided by different tastes. Versus wants to introduce you a different universe from your own, on the other side of the border, a parallel universe.

Versus refers to a collection of objects that could seems to be adjacent but could build closer relations to give pieces an abstract meaning. Being somehow ambiguous, with different interpretations depending on your point of view about what surrounds us.  

Versus consists of six capsules of swimsuits, resort wear and trunks with original prints, inspired in our surroundings, captured in unique silhouettes that will make you feel comfortable in your summer days. Our pieces are manufactured through conscious processes; made from recycled fabric from plastic bottles and fishing nets, without water waste and with 75% less carbon emissions. Also, our pieces seek to decrease high consumption, that is why they are reversible and multipurpose.

Going on a universal trip

Versus is a tribute to our universe, to all what inhabits us spiritually and physically, to our journey on this planet. It is made of six moments that will make you travel from the earth to heaven, introducing you to the inherent but sometimes invisible of our world: 

 Terra claims for the nature that shelters us in the earthly of humanity, the jungles and the moors that surround us with the greenness of the spirit and speak to us of the beloved present. A present Ría understands as rebirth during change, when nature manifests and the earth is under the ocean water and the world lost in the memory of what it was before.

Humanity came together in moments of contrast and purity, Pixis reflect on the shades of gray, lightness and brightness through our days and souls. Just as visible and invisible to our eyes, worlds come together in a whole dimension call Brana, home of the constantly moments earth provide us with, such as waves and small particles, living by themselves.

Finally, above all, we are Ceres, rolling around without a specific destination, but just making sense of our short existence. And suddenly, out of the blue, we find ourselves just listening to a quiet melody, called Lyra, looking forward to heaven.