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black floral swimwear collection

Dark Florals

Colorful mini flowers burst from a black background that receives joy and vitality form the complement of red, bringing to life a very romantic proposal.

That romantic and delicate touch is also expressed by subtle transparencies over the body, dreamy ruffles and a lot of details that pay tribute to flowers and red as symbols of romanticism.

Mini flowers also represent the beauty and the importance of details in the Caribbean and the Latin American landscapes.

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fine stripes swimwear and bikini collection

Fine Stripes

The lines that form the infinite horizon of travelers and adventurers become fine stripes in the creation of fishbone patterns, bumbolizing the endless possibilities of a sophisticated woman that wants to conquer the world.

In this proposal the stripes go from being a basic element to creating new forms and contrasts with colors like black and wine, suggesting refined mix and match alternatives and opening new horizons to a very sophisticated woman.

These are lines that can carry in all directions, combining the happy and nostalgic moments that she lives by the sea.

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tropical leaves and floral swimsuit collection

Dark Jungle

The rich and mysterious Caribbean tropical jungles, full of exotic plants and palm trees, unfold their large green leaves to surround an audacious woman that is never afraid to explore.

The combination and contrast of the essential green of nature with the darkness and the elegance of black represent the enigmatic soul of the jungle that intrigues a strong and yet nostalgic woman.

Mystical silhouettes and prints are born from this jungle inspiration to reveal the hidden treasures, the life and the magic of its foliage and leaves.

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dark jungle tropical leaves swimsuit collection

Exotic Garden

Caribbean exotic flowers pay tribute to the sophistication of gardens in this porposal inspired by the endless floral trend, bringing to life a dreamy and nostalgic mix and match: flowers and stripes.

Ruffles, fluid fabrics, soft colors with intense accents, and a satin touch turns this combination of flowers and stripes into one of the most romantic groups of the Pacific collection.

The movement and the delicate tones of this garden invite that romantic woman to dream about the magic of exotic and tranquil beaches, and make her feel in the Caribbean paradise.

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geometric, color-block bikinis and swimsuits


Irregular figures in vibrant colors and a combination of basic and bold silhouettes with special details such as the three-string straps on the tops bring the geometric trend to another level.

Very trendy colors such as pale rose come to life next to powerful tones, turning this into the most vivid group of the collection, perfect for a bold woman that is willing to risk more when it comes to the intensity of color.

The reflections of the kaleidoscope also symbolize the richness and the infinite possibilities of the Latin American cultures.

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red and yellow floral bikinis and one-piece swimsuits


Botanical is a glamorous expression and celebration of the magnificence of the Caribbean large exotic flowers that symbolize the fascinating and diverse abundance of the tropic.

Entirely solid backgrounds enriched with terracotta, mustard-yellows and saffron; vivid but earthly colors that refer to the Pacific shades and made that sophistacted woman dream about unforgettable sunsets at the beach.

A blooming and charming proposal for sublime moments exploring the world.

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